Love n’ Birthdays

The kids that I watch are like extended members of my family. And in my family, birthdays are very special. We have a party, eat lots of food, and enjoy being with each other. My nanny families are no different. I was honored to be invited to Jare Bear’s birthday last spring. He had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle meets basketball party with the kids from his basketball team.


The cake I made for Jare Bear’s b-day.


So fun! Now its August, and I-yo’s birthday is coming up. I feel horrible that I can’t be there since I have moved but hope her birthday note will brighten her day.

So it got me thinking, how do other nannies celebrate birthday’s with their charges? Are they invited to family parties? What about after you are done being their nanny, do you still send cards and presents..and for how long do you keep in the traditions?

What about nanny’s birthday?

For my birthday, which happened last year only a couple weeks after starting with I-yo and Jare Bear’s family, we had a fun movie night together complete with spaghetti and a birthday cake decorating competition. I made little cakes and we each got to decorate one, then ate it for dessert! So cute! Couldn’t have asked for a better party 🙂 I-yo made me a cute handmade necklace and they both made really awesome cards.

Send me your thoughts on birthday celebrations and traditions!