I began babysitting at 13 like many other teenage girls. Now, at 19 I feel its time to give back and share some of my experiences with others. I never intended on making babysitting a part of my life past high school but I have grown to love each family that I become a part of and each child that I watch. When I was 13, fresh out of Babysitting class, I had NO idea what kids were like.  Now I am currently watching 17 different munchkins throughout the week on a regular basis. The kids range in age from 8 months old to 15 years old. Let me tell you there is not a dull day in my life. Through my jobs I have found my calling and am currently going to nursing school to prepare for a career as a Pediatric Nurse.

I hope this blog makes you smile, laugh and inspires creativity. I am having so much fun reading old diaries and sharing some of my favorite experiences as a nanny.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. I, too, started babysitting at an early age (11) and went on to work many other professional jobs involving children including work as a professional live-in nanny. I raised a now-twenty-something daughter (technically a “step” but you’d never know) and have two teen boys. And I have a nursing degree. Seems we have a bit in common? Looking forward to reading more…

  2. Hey!! How can I get in touch with you about your nannying experience? I’d love to ask you some questions. Let me know. Can you send me an email to jenn.ferk (at) gmail? Thanks and hope to hear back from you!

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