The Importance of Sunscreen

Ok, this may not seem like a nanny post about kids, but it will be…after I explain why I decided to write this in the first place.


Thursday, in celebration of the Masters golf tournament, my dad and I went golfing. We were only in the sun for two hours tops. Knowing the importance of wearing sunscreen, I put some on my face, arms, legs, and neck. Unfortunately I forgot that the shirt I was wearing had an open back…needless to say I have been in so much pain for the last two days that I haven’t slept or made it off the couch much. Not only will I have an awkward tan line, but this burn just raised my chances of someday getting skin cancer..I would not wish this pain on anyone.


So it got me thinking, with summer just around the corner and kids coming outside to play from winter “hibernation, lets review important sun safety tips to keep kids sunburn free and happy. Early protection is the best fight against skin cancer.

  1. ALWAYS apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Read the directions on the label, but most sun screens need to be reapplied after an hour or two, especially if the child has been in the pool.
  2. Kids (5 and up) usually apply sunscreen to their arms and legs but they often forget EARS, FOREHEAD, BACK, FEET, and NECK. Make sure to double check!
  3. Limit time in the sun from 12 pm to 4 pm, it is when the sun is at its hottest and most damaging.
  4. Stay HYDRATED. Make sure kids come into shade for 20 min every hour they are in direct sunlight. This is a great time to serve up  some water and fruit, and reapply sunscreen.
  5. If a burn should occur, wash the area in cool water, softly dry the area, then apply Aloe Vera gel. This gel is a life saver! It soothes the burn and gives moisture to the skin so it doesn’t peel.
  6. Always put sunscreen on the kids before school, and on a daily basis. My munchkins have been coming home with red faces so I am really cracking down on sunscreen before school. To be a good example,apply it with the kids. One, if a nanny does it, its cool. Two, it helps them learn a pattern of application so they don’t miss any spots.


I hope these tips will help you and your kids stay safe and sunburn free this summer.