An Alternative to Video Games


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Ok, it might sound like I am anti-technology but I do allow the kids that I watch some time on the computer, tv an with video games. I just think there are other, more stimulating, activities for children to do.

Recently, I was talking to a fellow blogger about what to do since the little boy she watches has become consumed with video games. My response: Comic books.

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Not only does it promote reading and imagination, but it allows kids to still get their adventure and favorite character fix. Then I was asked what kind of comics to buy for an elementary school kid. Well, lets face it, kids go through lots of stages. Jay, one of the kids I watch, has gone through an animal, zombie, soldier, and superhero stage since I’ve been his nanny. BUT, there are comic books for everyone! I am personally a fan of the classic Superman and Batman series but for younger kids here is a list of 10 Great Comic Books for Children Under 12 by GEEKGIRLCON.COM.

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What comic books do your kids read? What was your favorite growing up? Let me know 🙂

Happy Thursday!