So, you (maybe) want to be a nanny …

These are the perfect questions to ask/ answer on a nanny interview! Puts our job description in perspective 🙂

How to be a {great} nanny

One of the most common interview questions (whether it be for a position or from friends & family) I get asked is, “Why do you want to be a nanny?”  It is so important to know the answer to this … not only to score some extra points during the interview process, but more importantly to know if being a nanny is something you really want. Unlike most part time (and some full time too!) jobs you can get, you really have to love what you are doing. You might not have to love other jobs, and yet you are still fully capable of doing what is expected of you and even doing it well. As a nanny, if you don’t love it, and I mean genuinely, really love it (screaming kids and all!), it shows. The kids feel it. The parents feel it. And when the parents feel it…

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