Bacon & Cheddar Waffle

Ok I saw this and my mouth started watering… Looks like a great recipe for kids. My substitutions would be: add turkey bacon (less sodium and not red meat which is lower in cholesterol too), instead of white flour use whole grain flour (kids won’t know the difference) and low fat cheddar cheese. I prefer sugar substitutes like Stevia, honey or applesauce so I will probably add those instead of pure sugar. Might I also suggest adding syrup to the batter instead of on top. Then the syrup taste is baked in and it’s a healthier substitute for the sugar.

Looks so good!!! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

neurotic baker


During my last visit home, my son and I spent the night with one of my best girlfriend’s, so our kids could hang out and we could catch up and have a little girl talk. The next morning we were trying to decide what to make for the kids for breakfast. We thought of waffles, but wanted to make them a little snazzy. I starting poking through a cookbook and found a recipe for ham and cheese waffles. It sounded fantastic, (we’re both bacon lover’s so we substituted bacon for ham), and whipped up a batch. We received mixed reviews from the kids, but we loved it! Adding syrup sent us to waffle nirvana. If you like dipping bacon in syrup, or like adding cheddar to apple pie, you’ll love this recipe. Below is my regular Martha buttermilk waffle recipe; I just added bacon and cheese to taste.


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