Thrifty Thursdays

These are cute and easy ways to celebrate moms. I know I’ve posted like a million posts on Mother’s day but none of us would be here without them, nor would we have jobs if mom’s hadn’t had our charges. 🙂

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thrifty thursdays

If I could buy my mom everything in the world, I would. She has put up with more from me in the last 30 years than people should have to put up with in a lifetime. There’s not a whole lot I could say other than she’s probably the most understanding and caring person I have ever met. Luckily for me, she is is also my mom. She listens to all my insane ideas and tries her hardest to support every one of them, no matter how dumb they sound.

This is why, if I could, I would give her a $1,000,000 dollar gift card to both Macys and Nordstroms…so she could get all the Estee Lauder and comfortable shoes her heart could desire. But, let’s face it. As a stay-at-home mom with no real sign of employment in sight, that’s probably not going to happen for a while.


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