Homemade Lunchables

This morning I got to work and being towards the end of the week, all the good lunch food has been eaten. The kids begged me not to make another turkey sandwich because they were so bored of eating the same thing over and over. I have to admit, I was getting bored of making it for them. So I pondered how to make a good healthy lunch and it hit me! A healthy version of lunchables. The packaged lunchables are high in sodium and preservatives which are not healthy.  The meat is high in fat and the crackers are just starch. Plus the crackers and 2 pieces of cheese and meat do not fuel a kid for very long.

Lunchables 2.0:

Fat Free Turkey breast lunch meat cut in fourths (about 8-10 fourths or 3 pieces of lunch meat)

Deli Cut Cheese (we had American, Cheddar and Provolone so I did a combo of all three- again 8-10 fourths slices)

Crackers (Wheat Thins, Bagel rounds, Ritz, etc they will all work.. 8-10 crackers so the kids can make mini sandwiches

Gogurt (shoutout to Chobani for their Kids Greek yogurt!)

Fresh fruit (today was a medly of oranges, tangerines and strawberries)

Fruit Snacks (healthier pick to Lunchables chocolate candy treat)

100% Juice Box (CapriSun Super V8 is the current juice of choice)

I would have added a veggie but the kids finished up the carrots yesterday. Extra serving at dinner and we are all good 🙂

Total time to make this lunch? 5 minutes. Super easy and the kids feel like they are gettting a special treat!

Have a Great Day!

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