Big News!!


images (57)I blogged a few days ago about how excited I was to have been contacted by the Nanny Magazine and how the kids I watched were as excited if not more. This morning while eating breakfast Jay-who now wants his alias to be Jar-Bear (pronounced jAre bear)- asked if he could help me with my blog. I thought WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I’ve seen blogs with mom’s perspectives and nanny perspectives but never a kid perspective. He even took it one step further by picking out names for his entries and topics. So here it goes, I am pleased to announce my guest blog writer, Jar Bear’s, upcoming topics!

Monday Munchies: A look at his favorite after school snacks

Tuesday Tips: His perspective on Babysitters and Nannies, and what we could do better

Wacky Activity Wednesday: Activities, Games and places to go that he recommends or wants to try out

Thursday Treats: A review on cookies, cakes and other tasty treats

Fun Day Friday: Jokes, stories and other random fun stuff!

Can you believe a 10 year old came up with that?? All by himself! I am so proud of him and happy we can share a love of story telling and writing.

Happy Day!

~Proud Nanny 🙂



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