10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It doesn’t rain often enough where I live, but if it did…I would do these with the kids I nanny for!

Happy Medium Homeschooling

Cute child catching raindrops under umbrellaThat Will Get Them Away from the Video Games!

Finally – warmer weather is brining rain showers. Here in the Midwest I think the last of the snow piles are creeping away like a guest who has finally realized she stayed too long. Spring has sprung and that means the inevitable rainy days where the kids might be moping around and yawning I’m bored. Cure that boredom, without resorting to letting them sit and play video games all day, with these 10 rainy day activities that will get their brains working and their creativity hopping.

1. Comics

Our boys have recently joined at comic creation class, learning about graphic novels, classic comics, and how to create their own. Check out some classics from the library like Garfield, and share in a few laughs. Then encourage your children to write their own comic strip. Our library has great books to help…

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