When a nanny comes into a family, there are usually already routines set in place that the children are used to. These are SO IMPORTANT to keep in place during the transition into the family. I was recently talking to the mother I work for and she was commenting about how well the kids are doing now that the whole family and I are on the same routine. Since I will be moving in two months, the mother has asked me to help train my replacement. When I do so, ROUTINES will be at the top of my list.

It’s funny how, once acclimated to the family, you learn their quarks. Jay prefers to stay in bed for “5 more minutes” as often as he can, so I wake him up 5 minutes before his sister. Jo Jo takes showers in the morning so I get her in and out of the shower while Jay eats breakfast. Jay likes helping with lunches so he does that while Jo Jo finishes her breakfast. Jay will go up and get ready while Jo Jo puts on sunscreen and brushes her hair (in that order). Somehow we always find 20 minutes to sit down and read before leaving for school. It has been the same every day since I started working with them seven months ago.

I have learned that children behave and perform better when they know the routine. Jay wasn’t doing well at the beginning of the semester, after a three week winter break. His mom was puzzled by the sudden turn around. As soon as we got back on the routine, his grades and confidence perked up.

The dad took a trip in March and was gone for two weeks. It was also the same week the mom had several late nights at work. The kids adjusted to just me being there and did fine but when dad came back the readjustment-out of routine-crazyness started up again. It has been about a month now and we are finally back to a normal routine.

Routines can help
1) bad behavior
2) lack of sleep
3) overeating/oversnacking
4) grades
5) efficiency
6) not forgetting simple tasks or chores
7) discipline

there are lots of reasons for getting children on schedules. Share your stories and words of wisdom 🙂

One thought on “Routines

  1. The family I work with 2 days a week was prepping the toddlers to start day care the other 2 days a week (dad has them on Fridays) so we got the schedule they would be on at day care. It was my job to adjust the girls’ routine to match daycare so that it would be a less stressful transition. I took the “cold turkey” approach to the adjustment instead of gradually working them into the new schedule and it was surprisingly easy and painless! I can always tell when aunts and friends have been in town for the weekend though, because the next Monday it will be difficult to work the routines back in!

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