A Month til Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is SUNDAY MAY 12 this year. That means there is only one month left to shop for gifts, make crafts, ask the dad you work for if he needs help with anything….lots to do! Now, I don’t normally put this much emphasis on every holiday, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are extremely important to me. Parent’s put life onto this Earth, the feed, clothe and nurture these little blessings and they spend countless sleepless nights rocking children back to sleep. I want children to acknowledge their parents’ selflessness from an early age so they respect them more as they grow up. When I was in Elementary school, the PTA would have a plant sale the week before Mother’s Day so kids could pick out a little flower for their mother. But the teacher’s didn’t make pretty pots to put them in! So this year I asked one of the PTA mom’s at the kids’ school if they would be doing something similar. She said yes. I emailed the teacher asking if she had any plans for Mother’s day crafts and she said no, the budget wouldn’t allow for it. Thus, idea #1.

Painted Pots

images (34)


Small clay flower pots (check Dollar stores or home improvement stores for the most inexpensive)

Lots of paint (I used acrylic because the colors are brighter)

Paint brushes (although fingers work well too)

Newspaper and paper towels


This can get messy so put old newspaper under the pots. Let the kids paint! Make sure to clean up really good after so mom doesn’t know! Tell kids its a secret! If their school is having a plant sale, let each child have $1 to buy a flower.

Alternative Flower Idea

images (36)

One of my families have severe allergies, so real flowers probably aren’t a great idea. Instead, I took the kids to Michael’s craft shop and let them pick out a pretty fake flower. We made a little arrangement and put it in a taller vase that the kids got to paint on.

Don’t want to spend money on fake flowers? Check my upcoming blog on Homemade Flowers for a how-to guide on all the cutest flowers!

Come back next week for more crafts for Mother’s day!

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