Nannies: Don’t Even Strive, Just Know – They Are Your Equal

This is such a good blog on how disillusioned parents can be when they hire a nanny. Nanny’s are not second class citizens, they are not slaves and they are not “my girl”. We are independent, well rounded individuals that take care of some of the most important people around…your kids. Please always treat your nanny with respect. And nannies, don’t put up with parents that put you down.

Enjoy 🙂


I’m lucky to have a nanny, specifically a woman with her own children who seemingly loves my own like one of hers. She has been an incredible addition to our family and the dynamic between us has enabled me to soak in parenting advice from an elder that I otherwise probably wouldn’t be so receptive to. She is kind, good hearted, loving and focused and I’m lucky my son has her in his life. My own nanny is in fact just like a lot of other nannies I’ve met. It makes me wonder then why it is that some moms with and without nannies seem to think that it’s okay to treat these remarkable women (in my view, all people are in some way remarkable) like second class citizens. Frankly, I find it appalling. Case in point: my nanny had another nanny and her charge over for a play date…

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