Spark of Creativity: Abstract Art


I used to take art classes in elementary school..Now with budget cuts, kids today can’t experience the fun I had when I was their age. This is one of the only remaining art projects I have left from elementary school. But I kept it because of its awesomeness. It is important for nannies to provide educational projects and crafts for their kids.  This piece explores colors, shapes, thinking outside the box.  The best part? It is super cheap!


  1. paper (I like thicker paper like cardstock and preferably in white)
  2. black sharpie (I used thin tip)
  3. crayons, lots and lots of crayons
  4. an imagination


  1. Draw a bunch of random intersecting lines around the page with the sharpie. They can be swirvy, straight, circular, anything the child wants. It can make triangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, squares, circles, etc.
  2. Look at the drawing and see if anything pops out. I went through a music phase and saw musicians. You might see animals, cars, flowers etc.
  3. add a few lines to complete the outline of the people or animals you see. If you can tell by mine, I added triangle eyes, lines to form intruments, sleeves etc.
  4. Start coloring. Every shape has to be a different color. I.E, the shirt isn’t all one color,the color changes with every shape. Add lines for hair or buttons on shirts. The more random the better
  5. Frame it and put it up for everyone to see. Kids artwork makes great wall art and presents for family members.

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