Nanny-sode #2: Acceptance not Ignorance reblog

For Nanny-sode #2: Disabilities I thought a life story would be appropriate. Children regardless of their disabilities are beautiful individuals. Sometimes it goes unnoticed. LCPIGOU has written a very thought provoking blog entry. Take a look. šŸ™‚

The Nanny Diaries

Yesterday I met one of the most amazing little girls. I went for a job interview and she was born with a physical disability but that had no affect on who she is or her personality. She had a smile on her face, told me about her friends and the sports that she plays. She loves animals and has a littleĀ miniatureĀ schnauzer who was cute and so friendly!
It was such a pleasure to meet her and she really make me think about the things that I take for granted. She was an ordinary 8 year old girl who loves to do things that little girls do. After meeting her I just wished that other people could see what I saw. I know that as people we judge people based on their looks whether it be deformities, what people wear or how big/skinny someone is. Itā€™s so wrong, we should beā€¦

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