Dory: My Pet Rock

Some of the best advice I have learned as a nanny has been through experience. In 2003, my parents went to a conference in Texas for the weekend. My sister and I stayed home with a sitter. I was only eight at the time and it was the first time my parents had left me overnight. To ease my anxiety, my mom did this craft with my sister and me before she left. We made pet rocks as a way to communicate while she was gone.


Meet Dory. 🙂

My mom helped me make this and it was so special to me, I have kept it after all these years. Not only did it mean a lot to me to make with my mom, but I had a lot of fun making it! Now I make them with almost all of my families.

First we go on a walk to find the perfect rock.


Then we start painting. My inspiration was after Finding Nemo, which had just come out.

5 Things to do with your Pet Rock:

  1. Make a play using your pet rock as the main character
  2. Play hide and seek
  3. Use your Pet rock as a paperweight on a picnic
  4. Dress it up with scrap fabric
  5. Make it a house to sleep in

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