Oh goodness, I read this and laughed so hard. It is so true!!

Superhero of Imperfection

Before I start, let me paint you a picture of what I am doing as I type this:

I am laying on a chaise, babysitting, with a fifteen month old girl snoozing in luxury on my stomach. My neck is bent uncomfortably to accommodate the angle of recline she prefers. I have to pee SO bad, but I can’t. I am typing this blog post over her shoulder on my phone. Got that image? Okay.

You may not know this, but the Superhero of Imperfection has a superpower. It’s true- I can transform at will. Not my will, but children’s wills. You know that movie with the cars that turn into big, crime fighting, butt kicking robots when they feel like it? Yeah this isn’t cool like that- sorry. It is cool in another way though.

If you have kids or babysit, you know about our bodies’ ability to turn…

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