Off the Clock!

-8am  A nanny’s job is relentless. Usually full time or live in nannies are on the clock more often than not. With the stress of the magnitude of the job sometimes it is best to just take a day off. Yup you heard me. Take a day off! So today is that day for me. I am off to Six Flags with some friends 🙂

553002_466179666787778_403106122_n-11pm I heard a quote recently that resonated with me. It said “sometimes the best thing you can do is separate yourself from a situation to truly help see the full picture”. Today I left the cell phone in my bag, rode some of the craziest roller coasters in the world…and didn’t worry about any of my families. Amazingly they are all where I left them haha. I realized how few days I have taken completely off since I started working full time last year. I had a great time with friends and am now super tired! Goodnight Bloggers 🙂

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