Fourth of July in January?

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Through middle school I watched two neighborhood kids, Isabel and Sophia, usually on Friday or Saturday nights while their parents went on date night. One of the first times I watched them we had a fun time doing crafts, playing hide and seek, and dressing up their Barbie dolls. It was around 8:30 pm and the girls were getting ready for bed. I was cleaning up downstairs and had just sat down to turn on the television. From outside I could hear three big gunshot like sounds. If that wasn’t scary enough, a loud clash came from the back glass sliding door, like someone was trying to get inside. Of course there was no way for me to get to the girls without being seen from this “intruder”. So I calmly called up to the girls to stay in bed. I called my dad who lived three doors down to come over and check things out and make sure everything was ok. He came over and went straight to the back yard, brave and dumb at the same time. When he came back in he was holding his butt and cursing under his breath. I asked what was wrong and all I got was “you didn’t tell me they have a damn dog!” If I would have known I would have told him! I didn’t know. When the parent’s came home I told them what had happened and they told me how their dog was afraid of loud noises and wanted to come inside. I got home and told my mom what had happened. She said someone was shooting fireworks off of the hill behind our houses.

Lesson Learned:

1) Always have a parent, trusted neighbor or family member on call for emergencies

2) Safety is priority. If you feel like something isn’t right, better be safe than sorry.

3) Ask parents about pets.

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