The Bored Jar- Reposted from The Vintage Wren

The kids I nanny for are on a strict schedule. We come home, eat a snack, do homework and finish chores. If they finish all of that I often hear “I’m Booored”. So we sat down and made a Bored Jar. Inside were things the kids could do if all of their stuff was completed with good behavior. The catch was, whatever they picked out, they had to accomplish it. Here are some examples of a similar jar made by The Vintage Wren at

bored jar

The jar can be made from any jar or plastic cup. The kids had a fun time decorating their Bored Jar.


We made ours more personalized, like “go to Pinkberry frozen yogurt” and “Shop at Dollar Tree for 1 item for someone in the family”


Hope it works for you!! 🙂

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