Naptime Trauma


My first real babysitting job was for a family with an 18 month old boy named Matthew. It was a 9-5 job for a week. I had to feed, clothe, bathe and change diapers… everything I had trained for. What I wasn’t expecting was the mom to say “don’t worry about anything but he has a popped blood vessel on his forehead. It shouldn’t bleed, if it does, just put a band aid on it”. I thought, ok, it can’t be so bad. So she left and it was just me and Matt for a whole day. We played, and ate. I got him down for his nap no problem. I sat with his baby monitor waiting anxiously for him to wake up. I turned on a two hour movie, perfect for his to hour nap. When the movie I was watching was over, I heard whimpering from upstairs. I quietly entered his room to find him sitting up, with a shocked expression on his face. His face was covered in blood, his bed was covered in blood, he sat there holding blood in his hands. We both stared at each other for a few moments taking in the situation. Inside I was traumatized; it looked like a crime scene. Questions began racing through my mind like “how much blood has he lost?” “who do I call first? His mom? 911? My mom?” My babysitting course definitely did not cover this. And then it seemed like life slowed down. I called my mom to come over and drive us to the doctors. While she was on her way I called Matt’s mom to tell her what was going on. I sat him on the kitchen counter and took a deep breath. First step, wash area and apply pressure. Second, let mom in. Third, get a diaper bag ready for the doctor’s office (don’t forget the extra bottle and diaper). By the time we got to the doctor’s office, the bleeding had slowed and he was able to put a bandage on it. While we were driving home, Matt would touch his head and say “oww”.  No more did we get him in the door and the bleeding began again through the bandage. More pressure was applied and it finally stopped. We continued about our day playing watching tv. Needless to say, it was a crazy day. His mom half seriously asked me when she got home if I was willing to come back tomorrow. haha. I am happy to say I did survive the rest of the seemingly less traumatic week.

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