From Babysitter to Nanny: How it all Began..

When I turned thirteen, I 
wasn’t excited about entering high school or being a TEENAGER! No, I was so excited because my parents said when I became a teenager I could start my first job as a babysitter. I asked for money to take a Babysitting Certification Class for my birthday. The class, filled with older teens, was so fun. I remember thinking “this is the easiest job in the world! Screw being a doctor, lawyer, or race car driver! I can set my own hours, set my price, and choose what kids I want to watch”. Boy was I mistaken!! I have never met an infant as easy as the manikin in class. Nor have I met a child who will go to bed perfectly like we practiced during class.. My teacher assured us that emergencies were so uncommon it wasn’t even worth discussing in depth. And when it comes to money, especially in a recession when you aren’t very experienced, it’s pretty minimal. Now I’m not complaining that my first job wasn’t worth it. There were many upsides. The more families I babysat for, the more my name was out in the public which led to more business. Like all demands, the more calls I got, the higher I could raise my prices. I learned a lot about money management, good communication skills and had my first “mom” experiences. My intent for this blog is to share my stories (some funny, some crazy), offer words of advice for new nannies and babysitters, show tips on how to prepare healthy snacks, and best of all, display fun crafts for all age groups!  I hope if you are reading this, you love children as much as I do. They make my job unbelievably rewarding and I am so blessed to have them in my life. This job is not about the money or self gain, it is a selfless, humbling experience that requires humility, gentleness and love. I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks of the trade. I would love to hear from you. If you have comments, suggestions or tips you would like to share..send me an email and I will add it to NannyVille! 

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